Christmas vs. Xmas

Just recently a few of the staff were trying to come up with an alphabet game and match pictures to the words that had to do with Christmas.  For example… M – Manger, J – Jesus, O – Ornament.  And then attach a picture to it.  But when we got to the letter X, we were struggling to find a word that related to Christmas.  The only one that we could think of was Xmas.

I don’t really like to use that symbol because I think the world needs to see the word Christ in Christmas.  But did you know that the X is the first letter in the Greek word that means Christ.  It has been used like that for centuries but in our current modern world we have changed what it means and now it has become a negative.

Anyway, I wanted to say all that to say that there are so many things in the world today that keep us from really celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.  I encourage you to dig through all that “stuff” this year and make sure that you keep Christ in your Christmas celebrations.  Because that little baby grew up to be the Savior of the world and that’s something worth celebrating.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Blessings, Barbara

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