Boundaries For Kids – Week One

Last week I took my first class in Boundaries For Kids and here are a few things that I learned.

We are the ones who help our children to develop character.  We want our children to be loving…responsible…free…initiating…respectful of reality…growing…oriented to truth…oriented to transcendence (to serve God rather than yourself).  And, you ask, how do we do all that?  Well, the answer is by giving our children good boundaries.  Saying No as well as Yes.  Allowing them to wait to gratify their desires.  Helping them to own their feelings, attitudes and behaviors.  Kids are blank slates.  Who is filling in those blanks?

You have 3 specific areas of influence:  1 – What you say – the boundaries that you try to teach your children   2.  What you do – the boundaries that your children see lived out every day in the home.   3. Allowing experience to lead to internalization – not always rescuing them from the consequences of their actions.

The 3 roles of a Parent

Guardian – providing a safe environement.   Manager – Making sure things get done.   Source – You are the source for all good things for a child.

There was so much more we learned and not enough time or space to write it all down.  Our second session is tonight.  There’s still time if you want to come to the class.  Wednesday nights at 6pm.  There’s still lots to learn.  Join us!

Keep working on those parenting skills.

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