Refreshment – what’s your pleasure?

What is refreshment and why is it so good for you?

relaxation zone

relaxation zone (Photo credit: shnnn)

Have you ever been to a party where they said there was going to be refreshments?  What exactly did you think that might mean?  Finger foods, new foods, old time favorites, something nourishing or something sugary and tasty?  Probably at any given time you thought all of those things.  Sometimes my thought is Oh, yeah, I don’t have to cook, I’ll just eat whatever they have.  Actually that has backfired on me sometimes.  Because the word refreshments doesn’t neccessarily mean there will be a lot of food there to fill you up.  It doesn’t neccessarily mean there will be such a variety that you’ll feel like you had a meal.  Sometimes, I’ve thought it would be enough food to replace lunch and it was only dessert.  Surprise!  I had to go and find lunch after the party because I was hungry!

But the word refreshement doesn’t just refer to food.   Here is the definition of refreshment…



1. The act of refreshing or the state of being refreshed.

2. Something, such as food or drink, that refreshes.

3. refreshments A snack or light meal and drinks.
So, other than number 2 and 3 the word refreshment is referring to a state of being, an act.  So, what refreshes my being other than food?  Let’s see, sleep is a good one.  Relaxation.  Laughter is a great one.  Reading.  Taking a shower.  Praying.  Hanging out with family and friends.  Taking a long walk on a cool day.  Contemplation.  Swimming, bicycling, running, playing basketball…the list could go on and on with sports.  Really, anything that makes me feel good after it is over.
So, now we could go the other way and think about what depletes us and that list could go on and on and it would be different for everyone.
The question I want to throw out there today is…Are you spending most of your time being depleted or being refreshed?  That is a question only you can answer.
Take a few minutes today and figure it out.  Maybe you need more refreshment in your life.  If we all could get the balance right in our lives it could make a huge difference not only in our life but in the lives of the people around us and really it could affect the world.

Imagine that…!!!

One response to “Refreshment – what’s your pleasure?

  1. Good stuff. my dear daughter. And I could stand some refreshment right now. Lots of it and lots of different kind. No. 1 I think these days I would like the refreshment of sleep, and health. Of course ice cream and laughter would top it off. Doris Timmons.

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