Life is funny!

I was watching “Live With Kelli” on TV this morning.  Yes, I was being lazy and watching TV.  It’s summer, why not be lazy if you can.  But I digress.  Her cohost was talking about that although he has 5 children this year on Father’s Day none of his kids was home and he didn’t mind at all.  He was quick to say that he loved his children but that he thought Mother’s Day and Father’s Day should be a day where mom or dad can do something just by themselves.  Get away or have the day to yourself since the rest of the time you always have the kids around.  I thought about that and applied it to my situation.  All my kids have flown the coop so for me, Mother’s Day would be a time I would want my kids around because they’re not around most of the time.  Funny how life works.  Just about the time you’re wishing your kids would fly the coop they do and then you wish they would fly back.

Life is funny.  If you have curly hair you usually wish you had straight hair and visa versa.  If you’re tall you want to be short and if you’re short you want to be tall.  If you’re in school you can’t wait to get out and when you’re out you want to take classes tto learn more.  You can’t wait to have a job but then you can’t wait to retire.  You get the idea!

I don’t really think there’s an answer to this reality.  I just wanted to put it out there and point out that maybe we ought to try to appreciate exactly where we are right now.  That isn’t to say we can’t strive to be better or look better or get together with our loved ones, etc.  It just means let’s not forget to live in the present and try to make it the best it can be.

Life is funny!


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