Can’t we all get along?

So my daughter is a nerd, a really georgeous nerd, but still a nerd.  Now don’t be shocked!  Those are her words not mine.  Well, I put the georgeous part in but never mind that…  You can go to her blog and read about her adventures in New York City.  It’s called  It’s fun to read and she’s a good writer so I invite you to check it out.

This is a picture of my daughter, Beth.

But on to the topic I want to discuss.  My daughter is always talking about how men who are nerds are intimidated by her.  Did I mention she’s georgeous and very outgoing?  Anyway, men that like the things she likes are very intimidated by her and it got me thinking about how we’re all just people with different interests but we get flustered when others are different from us.  Sometimes it’s not just flustered, it’s downright fearful, intimidated or frightened.  (Insert your own word.)  We tend to flock towards birds of the same feather and yet, they say opposites attract.  Go figure!  But my point is that we are all people, two arms, legs, eyes, ears, heads, shoulders, knees and toes.  Oops the Preschool teacher is coming out in me.  Back to my point.  My point is that we are all people, made in the image of God so rather than let our differences keep us from interacting with one another or becoming friendly, maybe we can try and let our differences draw us together to be able to learn something about one another.  To broaden our horizons, change our viewpoints, expand our vocabulary and oh, so much more.

So, next time you see someone who’s different try engaging them in conversation and learn a new thing or two.

Happy conversing!

One response to “Can’t we all get along?

  1. I like it. I love my “nerdy” grand daughter. Your article was very good Barb. Good advice.

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