Pondering on cows

two cows

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Just around the corner from where I live is a pasture with several cows in it.  Every year around this time all the baby cows start being born and I love to watch them as I drive by.  There used to be a big dirt pile on the property and I noticed several times as I drove by that the baby cows would climb up on the hill.  And one day it looked like the cows were playing king of the hill because one cow was sort of trying to push the others off as they tried to climb up.  It looked like they were playing.

Today as I drove by, all the adult cows were congregated in one area and the baby cows were over in another area and I frequently have seen that.  But today it made me start to think about that.  Even cows gravitate to their own kind.  The young cows were with their friends maybe talking about who was going to be king of the hill today and the adult cows were all over probably mooing about adult things.

Have you ever noticed that about people?  People who are alike gravitate together.   If you go to a party people usually search the room for someone they know or have something in common with because it’s comfortable.  Mingling with people you don’t know is hard.  I have to force myself to do it because it doesn’t come natural to me.  Oh, I know there are some people that are good at it but I don’t think it is the majority.

The exception to the rule is children.  Try watching children for a while.  Yes, children are drawn to other children but they also go up to strangers and people with disabilites and people of a different color than they are or who don’t speak their language.  They are taught to be afraid of strangers.  They don’t do it naturally.  They aren’t afraid of people in a wheelchair until someone shows them that they should be.  That happens around age 4 when they start to be a aware that maybe they should be afraid.  Yes, again there are exceptions to this but again I don’t think that is the majority.

So, as I watched the cows and started thinking about this I thought that since this isn’t natural then I would have to work on this area more often to make it become more natural.  It’s good to meet new people and it’s good to be able to invite someone on the outside to come into the circle.  We have to be intentional about it.  But the first step is admitting that we aren’t good at it and acknowledging that this would be a better way to be and then start practicing and mooooooving forward. I’m going to try to be better at this.  I’m going to try to let the children lead me and become childlike, not childish but childlike.

Wow, who thought cows had so much to teach us.  Yeah, cows!!

Have a great day!



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