Christmas Programs (what makes them special)

A Very Special Christmas 2

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So, I got a really great comment from our Pastor the other day about the Christmas program that our children did on Tuesday. He told me that it was the best one he’d seen and that he’d seen quite a few.  Wow, that was exciting!  He said that we told the Christmas story very well and that it was a gift to the parents the way we presented it.  Wow, again.  As I got to thinking on his comments it made me think more about just what was it we did.  The classes were divided into the Mary/Joseph, shepherds, donkeys, angels, camels and wisemen.  The typical cast of the story and each class sang a simple song and recited a fingerplay.  Very simple.  Of course, it was cute as can be and regardless of whether all the children sang loud or soft they were adorable.  But I don’t think that’s what Pastor Jim was talking about.  Being in Preschool for almost 18 years almost anything that the children sing or do is cute and the parents always love our little performances.  But there was something more this time.  And I think that something more was the power of the story.  What a story!  God sent His only Son down to earth to save us.  Anytime that story is told the power of it is magnified becuase of what that simple gift means to our lives. 

I’m glad we could share the story with the parents and families.  I’m thankful for Pastor Jim’s words about the impact that the story has on our lives.  And I’m grateful for the gift of that tiny little baby that has changed my life so dramatically.

Have a wonderful Christmas and if you haven’t opened the God’s gift up yet, please do it soon.  You’ll be glad you did.

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