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I read about something today that disturbed me but it didn’t surprise me. It was an article about child abuse and the recession and how child abuse happens more frequently in a recession. It disturbed me because whenever I read or hear about child abuse it disturbs me. But it didn’t surprise me because whenever people feel oppressed or depressed or when things become out of control people suffer. And many times those people are children. Their parents are suffering and it gets passed down to the children. We see it everyday at our school. When the family moves…it affects the children. When Mom and Dad are fighting…it affects the children. If a grandparent or family member dies…it affects the children. When Mom or Dad are sick…it affects the children. There are varying degrees of how the children are affected but you can always tell when something is happening in the life of a family. Parents, don’t think you can hide from your kids. They are like bloodhounds and unless you are a very good actor they pick up on your mood and it affects them.
So, I was thinking about this in light of the recession and another teacher and I were trying to think about how you could lighten the affects of the recession. My husband and I like to eat out, a form of entertainment but it’s expensive and when you’re being squeezed for all your pennies what can you do? I’ve been trying to identify all the places in town that offer “special cheap food” nights so that I can still enjoy eating out without going broke. Maybe you’re a movie buff. Renting a dollar video and making popcorn and turning off all the lights in the house might make you feel like you’re at the movies. What about picnics in the park now that the weather is nicer? I know that won’t replace the job that you just lost or put more money in the bank but it might just give you the boost you need to help your family get through the tough times.  Anybody have any other suggestions? Let’s brainstorm ideas and see what we come up with, shall we?

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