Emotional health in sports

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I wanted to share something that I thought was worthwhile for all parents of young children to ponder about.  It comes out of a publication that I get called Exchange Everyday specifically for parents or teachers when dealing with children.

“Youth sports organizations are reaching deeper into the preschool years, urging parents to sign kids up for soccer or rugby as early as age 3.”  This alarming claim was made by Sue Shellenbarger in her

Wall Street

Journal column (June 3, 2011) that was brought to our
attention by Eric Karolak.  Shellenbarger shared guidelines

from experts on involving kids in organized sports…

  • Avoid competition, which can be stressful for kids before the age of 7 or 8.  Keep the focus on fun.
  • Don’t make a child specialize in one sport at an early age.  Sports researchers say young players have more fun and develop better as athletes if they are encouraged to play many sports.  Well-rounded kids are also far less likely to lose interest and burn out when they reach their teens.
  • Take at least one or two seasons off each year, so kids can rest their bodies.
  • Don’t allow yourself to feel pressured by other parents who enroll their kids in lots of organized programs.

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